My Module 1 Work for ExtendmOOC
Teacher for Learning
Emily Block

Activity #1 A concept that is often misunderstood in my discipline 

My role is providing educational consultation to physicians who are looking to have a continuing
professional development activity designed and accredited or certified by the Royal Colleges.
Based on the feedback I received from the staff in my department who support the accreditation or
certification from the administrative role, they found that the learning objectives were often the last
thing to be submitted---an afterthought! I examined the current process for how they
were guiding the design process with physicians (before I entered this role) continuing professional
activities that resembled a checklist and therein lies the issue! There was no rationale as to
why they are important in educational design other than they are required to meet a standard.
I am working to bring greater meaning to the role of the learning objective and
have re-written and re- designed the design process (super meta) to find ways to make
the learning objectives central to the process. I have included a picture of a metaphor in my process
to help communicate the importance of the learning objectives that I am hoping will do the trick.

The learning objectives in the designing of a educational activity, especially while medical education is
focusing on competencies in medical education, I used the metaphor of a compass to explain the role in
educational design as the compass would provide direction in navigation.

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